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Humane chipmunk removal methods
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Repair any damages caused by the animal, usually happens on your attic and other structures
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Secure galvanized critter guard to block them out


Chipmunks, e.g. the Eastern Chipmunk, are commonly found in southeastern Canada. As a member of squirrel family, chipmunks look similar to squirrels, but are much smaller and lighter. They produce a litter of 2-8 offspring twice a year; one between April and May, and another between August and October. Chipmunks have the same food preference as squirrels’, which includes small insects, fruit, nuts, seeds and plants. Knowing their behavior is important for an effective chipmunk removal process.

Den Site Selection

Although chipmunks are skillful climbers, they prefer to dig out their tunnels in the ground to protect themselves from predators. You can find their burrows under patios, lawns, gardens, stairs and any places that offer cover. It is difficult to identify the entry of their den sites because chipmunks will discard the dirt from the burrow to make it less visible to other animals.


Chipmunks are small and pose little threat to human. However, their residences in your home can cause damages to your property. For example, their habit of burrowing can ruin your backyard and lawns, and even cause structural or electrical damage to your house. In order to get food, they may chew up your garden and even steal food from your pets.

Health Risk

Chipmunks can carry fleas and ticks which can pass serious disease to you and your family.


Finding chipmunks’ entry holes is extremely difficult since the holes are quite small and less obvious. Our experienced technicians will do a comprehensive investigation to find the burrows and connected tunnels in your back yard. Then they will place an L-shaped footer around the house’s foundation to prohibit chipmunks from burrowing.  For den sites founded under the deck, a one-way door over the entry will be installed to block chipmunks from returning to the area. If you have a fence in your garden, we suggest that the fence be at least 8 inches deep into the ground.

chipmunk removal, a chipmunk is holding a tiny tea cup
chipmunk removal, a standing chipmunk
chipmunk removal, a chipmunk standing on a rock


Our one-stop shop chipmunk removal service includes repairing the damages caused by chipmunks and securing the area to prevent re-entry.

Chipmunks carry fleas and ticks which can cause health complications to you and your family. Our technicians will clean and sanitize the area to remove parasites and odor. To secure your home against chipmunk re-invasions in the future, a galvanized screen will be installed in particular areas to seal all potential openings.

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