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House mice is the most common rodent species in the Greater Toronto Area. They are good at climbing and fitting themselves into tiny holes; thus, mice can be present in almost anywhere within your house. They are also famous for high reproduction rate: a single mother mouse can produce 5 to 6 youngs per litter, which makes mouse and rat control more time sensitive. Their birthing seasons are all year round. Due to their size and behaviors, mice and rats intrusions are less noticeable until their population size grows into an unacceptable volume.

Den Site Selection

Mice/rats can adapt to new environment rapidly. They like to nest in warm places such as kitchens, basements, garages, attics, walls and storage rooms. Mice are attracted to the smell of food. Once they detect food sources, they will constantly go back to the same location.

If the scratching and chewing noises disappear when you tap on the area, it is highly likely a mouse is behind the voids.


Similar to squirrels, mice will have to constantly chew to keep their teeth sharp and length maintained. This can cause damages to your wiring system and the house structure, which leads to openings for other pests and wildlife animals.

Health Risk

If you have mice or rats in your house, there is a high chance that your kitchen has been contaminated by them, because mice or rats have strong interests in eating food from the kitchen.

Mice/rats are the carrier of ticks, mites, tapeworms and ringworms. They can transmit serious disease to humans through bites.


Mouse Rat Control

1. Extermination

Finding mice’s tracking can be challenging because they run all over the house from basement to attic. Our experienced technicians will conduct a comprehensive investigation to find the areas where mice or rats show up the most. They will then customize a treatment to fully get rid of all the mice/rats in your house and seal the area completely to protect you and your family. Speed is crucial in mice/rats control because they can multiply very quickly and cause some serious problems. Contact a professional exterminator to deal with mice or rats infestation as soon as you spot one in your house.

Mouse control

2. Prevention

Once our technicians clear all the mice or rats in your house, they will seal the whole area to prevent future infestation. To discourage mice or rats from visiting your home, we highly suggest you leave the area clean and store food in containers.


Our one-stop shop mice/rats control service includes repairing the damages (e.g. walls/attics/shingles/wiring systems etc.) and securing the areas to prevent re-entry.

Mice and rats’ droppings can be stinky and pose health risks to humans. Our technicians will clean and sanitize infected areas to ensure no odor is left. To secure your home against mice or rats re-invasions in the future, a galvanized screen will be installed in particular areas to seal all potential openings.

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