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Roof damages caused by wildlife animals such as raccoons and squirrels are quite common in Ontario. While these animals attempt to burrow a shelter in your home, they can damage your roof shingles, vents, underlayment, roof deck and attic. Without the proper roof repair, these damages can lead to water damage or mould buildup. In addition, repairing roof damages helps secure your home and reduce the chances of wildlife animals’ re-invasions.

Please keep in mind that in Ontario, it is required by law to have a license to perform work on rooftops. If you are looking for a licensed company to fix your roof damages caused by wildlife animals, call Mr. Raccoon now, and we will get back to you on the same day!

We provide repair services which include:

Roof deck repair
Repair or replace damaged roof deck
Shingle repair
Repair or replace damaged singles
Roof coating
Roof ridge repair
Repair or replace damaged roof ridge
Water damage repair
Repair water damage
Metal vent to prevent wildlife
Seal vents or replace with metal vents on rooftops
Mesh to prevent wildlife
Install galvanized mesh to secure the area

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