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Humane bat removal methods
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Repair any damages caused by the animal, usually happens on your attic and other structures
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Secure galvanized critter guard to block them out


Bats are the only flying mammals in the world. Little brown bats are the most common bat species in GTA areas. These nocturnal animals sleep in their roost during the day and fly out at night to search for food (e.g. insects). Usually bats produce one offspring per year during the summer. However, bats can live up to 33 years on average.

Den Site Selection

Bats prefer dry and warm places as their roost, and enjoy the consistent warmth from your home. In order to get into your attic or chimney, they will squeeze into a narrow gap between the soffit and side wall. Bat colonies are most comprised of females’ clusters, especially in breeding season. Although bats are small, they produce quite a bit of guano, which is often left at the entry of their roost as a key indicator of their entry points.


You hear bats making noise at night when they come out and search for food. The noise can be unsettling and disturbing when it comes from a colony of bats.

Health Risk

Bats can cause rabies. In fact, the root cause of a majority of the cases of rabies infection in the United States was from bats. In the event that bat’s guano piles up, another serious disease called histoplasmosis may happen and affect people.


One way door for wildlife removal

One-way Door: Less Harm to the Animals

Our experienced technicians will first check your attic, chimney and wall to identify bats’ entry points. They will then seal all the gaps on the wall and install a one-way door over the entry to block the bats. We highly suggest you not to trap them because trapping can make bats fly deeper into your house.
Trap for wildlife removal

Trapping and Releasing

Young Bats can neither fly nor hunt, so they rely on their mother to bring food for them every night. Our experienced technicians will identify the phase of their birthing season and make sure all young bats are removed from the roost before installing the one-way door to block the mother.


Our one-stop shop bat removal service includes repairing the damages (e.g. corroded walls, piping and broken electrical wires etc.) and securing the area to prevent re-entry.

Bats’ guano can cause health risk to humans. Our technicians will clean and sanitize the area to make sure no odor is left.

To secure your home against bat invasion in the future, all the gaps and holes will be filled to seal all potential opening.

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