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There seems to be a rise to see spiders inside homes these days, especially in the residential areas within Southern Ontario. Thousands of spider species have been globally identified. Fortunately, most types of spider species found in Southern Ontario are little to no harm to humans. The most commonly found spiders in homes are Common House Spiders, Long-bodied Cellar Spiders and Jumping Spiders. These insects pose no direct danger to human.

However, some species found in North America can cause serious health complications by transmitting venomous poison through bites. The two most common and famous venomous spiders are Black Widow Spiders and Brown Recluse Spiders. If you are not sure what type of spiders is in your home, please call us to book an investigation by our licensed specialist. Meanwhile, please protect yourself and your family by wearing footwear at home and do not put bare hands in hidden places.

Nest Selection

Most spiders feed on lower insects through breaking the prey down with the digestive enzymes in their saliva before consumption. They build nests to catch their prey and hide in dark and warm areas. This is why you are likely to find them in sheds, attics or dark damp corners in rooms. Presence of spiders in your home does not mean your place is not clean. Chances are they come indoor while searching for preys or looking for a warm and safe place to live.


Once spiders discover safe places and available food resources inside your home, it is likely they will settle down and start an indoor population. Even though the spiders you are likely to find in your home pose no danger while helping control the indoor insect population for you, their nests can collect dust and insects’ bodies, which makes them unpleasant to be had around.

In the rare case that you have poisonous spiders in your home, it is tremendously important to remove them as soon as possible because their venomous bites can cause fatal medical issues to you and family.

Spider Control
Spider Control
Spider Control


Once an appointment is scheduled, our trained specialists will start with an inspection to identify the infested areas and the species of spiders in your home. Since every home is unique, a customized solution plan to get rid of spiders is required to keep them out of your home.

Spider sprays are available for sale at retail stores, but they will not be as effective as the commercial-grade treatment our technicians will use. We are confident to provide professional spider control services with 100% guaranteed results!

Spider Control


Our one-stop shop spider control service includes repairing the damages and securing the areas to prevent re-entering. We will fix loose screens and cracks under doors, windows, and other openings that are all possible entryways for spiders. Our experts will also provide tips to homeowners to prevent the emergence of spiders around.

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