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Humane opossum removal methods
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Repair any damages caused by the animal, usually happens on your attic and other structures
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Secure galvanized critter guard to block them out


Opossums are relatively new to Toronto’s residential areas. However, they have adapted very well to the environment. As a result, their population increased drastically in recent years.

Opossums are nocturnal, which means they are more active during the nighttime. Being omnivores, they eat almost anything and tend to stay in the same area as long as there are food resources.

As the only native marsupial in North America, opossums can have up to 20 young for one litter. However, they have a short lifespan of maximum 3 years.

Den Site Selection

Most opossums are found in dark and warm places under decks, steps, sheds, porches and garages. They are less destructive than raccoons and squirrels which force entries into the attic. Instead, opossums take abandoned shelters from other animals.


To make their nests in your attic, opossums can tear up any available materials, such as your insulation and wires. Their feces can stain into the ceilings and cause awful smell.

Health Risk

Opossum are known to carry fleas which can be passed to your pets. Infected opossums may carry rabies that can cause health risk to you and your family.


One way door for wildlife removal

One-way Door: Less Harm to the Animals

Opossums are relatively easier to trap and expose a lower risk to the technician. An effective removal of opossum with minimal harm is by using a one-way door. Our technicians will start with an investigation to identify opossums’ entry points, then install a one-way door over the entry to block opossums from returning into the area.
Trap for wildlife removal

Trapping and Releasing

Trapping is only used when one-way door is not feasible. Opossums are scavenger and thus, they are relatively easy to catch.

Opossum Removal During Breeding Season (January)

Opossums mate in January and carry the young until they are able to lead a life on their own. During breeding season, our technicians will remove all young opossums and place them near the entry hole so that they can reunite with their mother. Once the mother returns, our technicians will then install a one-way door to block mother opossum from re-entering into the area.


Our one-stop shop opossum removal service includes repairing the damages (e.g. displaced insulations and broken wires etc.) and securing the area to prevent re-entry.

Opossums’ dropping can stain in the ceiling and cause health risk to humans. An infected house is more likely to attract old and new opossums. Our technicians will clean and sanitize the area to make sure no odor is left.

To secure your home against opossum invasion in the future, a galvanized screen will be installed in particular areas to seal all potential opening.

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