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Humane squirrel removal methods
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Repair any damages caused by the animal, usually happens on your attic and other structures
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Secure galvanized critter guard to block them out


Toronto is home to a variety of squirrel species such as black, grey and red squirrels. Squirrels can move up to 25 km per hour and adapt to any environment. They produce two litters of 4-6 babies a year; one litter in March and another in mid-August to September.

Unlike raccoons, squirrels are more active during the daytime. As rodents, they constantly get in and out of their shelters to find and hoard food. It is easy to identify the presence of squirrels in your house because you will hear running and scratching noises above your ceiling or behind the walls.

Den Site Selection

Secondary to trees, attics are squirrels’ favorite option for building their dreys. They can also be found in chimneys, walls, roofs or vents.


Part of what makes squirrels so destructive and nuisance to homeowners is their habit of constantly chewing almost everything. They chew through ventilation caps, roof pipes, shingles and sidings to get into your attic. Once they get in, they will constantly chew at your wires, vents and other parts to keep their teeth from growing too long. This propensity puts your house at the risk of structural damages and fire hazard. During the breeding season, mother squirrels can be very aggressive when they detect dangers to their babies.

Health Risk

Squirrel can cause rabies. They often carry parasites such as ticks and fleas which can be transmitted to you and your families.


One way door for wildlife removal

One-way Door: Less Harm to the Animals

Finding squirrels’ entry holes is extremely difficult because they are quite small. Our experienced technicians will check your attic and walls to identify squirrels’ entry points, and then install a one-way door over the entry to block squirrels from returning to the area.
Trap for wildlife removal

Trapping and Releasing

Trapping will be used when installing one-way door is not feasible. In a situation where squirrels run into opening area, our technicians will deploy live trapping to remove them.

Squirrel Removal During Breeding Season (March & mid-August to September)

Mother squirrels are very protective of their young. If mother squirrels are separated from the babies, they become very determined to make another entry point through chewing to get to their babies. Once the young squirrels are identified, our technicians will relocate them to near the entry hole so that they are reunited with the mother afterwards. Then our technicians will install a one-way door to block re-entry. However, we don’t recommend to live trap mother squirrels during the breeding season.


Our one-stop shop squirrel removal service includes repairing the damages (e.g. walls, shingles and wiring cables) and securing the area to prevent re-entry.

Squirrels’ droppings can cause health complications to human. An infected house is more likely to attract old and new squirrels. Our technicians will clean and sanitize infected areas to make sure no odor is left. To secure your home against squirrel re-invasions in the future, a galvanized screen will be installed in particular areas to seal all potential openings.

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