Our Mission

Started in 2010, Mr. Raccoon’s business has fastly expanded in Ontario. So far, we have helped more than 25,000 homeowners successfully removed wildlife animals and pests from their homes and business. We deal with all types of wildlife animals such as raccoons, squirrels, skunks etc. In additional to wildlife removal, our team provides effective pest control services across Ontario as well. Our service includes removal, damages repair, cleaning and prevention.

Our mission is to provide professional service to effectively resolve homeowners’ headaches caused by wildlife animals.

mr. raccoon, a brown squirrel is looking at distance

What Differentiate Us

  • One-stop shop service that includes assessment, removal, damages repair as well as prevention
  • Fully equipped and experienced teams across GTA and surrounding area
  • Expertise in roof and attic
  • Quick response and same-day appointments
  • 100% guaranteed removal and premium warranty package:

Top quality service with


labour warranty

Competitive quality product with


material warranty

mr. raccoon

Mr. Raccoon Service Process

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Roof inspection and report of damage
Our service starts with a house inspection and a report of damage
Customized design of removal solution
Then we will make a customized removal solution for you
Humane wildlife removal
We always recommend the most humane wildlife removal methods
Block re-entry by screening specified area and installing one-way door
We will install a one-way door and screen specified area in order to block re-entry
Repair damaged shingles and attic
Our removal service also includes repairing damages on roof and other house structures
Necessary follow-up and re-assessment
 We do follow-up assessment if needed in order to make sure your house is animal-proof

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