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Important Facts You Must Know Before Calling Wildlife Animal Removal and Pest Control Services

Professional Wildlife Animal Removal and Pest Control Services

When unwanted wildlife animals and pests invade your home, it would often become a nuisance, and then an overwhelming headache to deal with. Experienced exterminators will help you effectively remove the animals or pests from your house. In addition to that, the service usually includes fixing the damages as well as securing the areas. Usually, professional wildlife animal and pest control services will use the most humane removal methods to deal with wildlife animal issues.

Rules That You Need To Know Before Calling

It is importan to know what to expect and how to prepare before contacting wildlife animal removal services. Therefore, we always recommend you to learn the rules of animal control as a homeowner.

  1. Wildlife animal control activities are legal in Ontario, but you must follow guidelines and rules. According to the law, activities to deal with furbearing mammals (e.g. beavers, skunks etc.) can only be carried out during open seasons. The only exemption is when evidences can prove that the animal is causing damages to your property.
  2. You don’t need special authorizations or permits to hire a professional agent for the animal issues we discussed earlier. However, certain licenses are mandatory for the agent to harass, kill or trap the wildlife. The particular licenses include a valid H1 Outdoors Card and a valid trapping license.
  3. Types of furbearing animals: beaver, bobcat, coyote, fisher, fox (Arctic, red), lynx, marten, mink, muskrat, opossum, otter, raccoon, red squirrel, striped skunk, weasel (least, long-tailed, short-tailed or ermine) and wolf.
  4. Humane removal of wildlife animals is one of the rules set by the government. In addition to that, you or your agent must release live captured wildlife within 24 hours. Also, you must release them within 1 kilometer of where they were captured.

We always recommend you to research about the type of wildlife animals and the rules that you need to follow. 

If you have any question about wildlife animals and pest control, don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Raccoon! Our experienced team is available for same day appointment in GTA and surrounding!